Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1:
What if I want to stay 10 days, what rate should I apply?
Your rate would be $1,500 weekly rate for the first week and discounted daily rate for the 3 days ($1,400/7 days x 3 days = $600); the total $2,100.

Question 2:
Are the prices listed on your website the lowest possible prices?
Yes, but from time to time we reward our returning clients with special promotions to other locations around the world.

Question 3:
What is VIP membership?
The Lifestyle V.I.P World is exclusive for Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members and member's guests only. The membership includes member's only amenities and services such as bars, lounges, cafe, restaurant, entertainment, promotions with such vacation becomes special.

Question 4:
What is all-inclusive fee?
All-inclusive fee is a mandatory charge set up by the resort. The fee is $37.50 per person per day. Children between the ages of 3 and 12 years are 50% off the rate, per child per day. The all-inclusive fee includes unlimited food and drinks.

Question 5:
If I want to stay in a condo instead of villa, would the service be different?
No because you are guest of VIP member and eligible for all membership perks.

Question 6:
Can you arrange helicopter pick up from the airport?
Yes we can, but it is not cheap and price ranges based on the number of people and size of the luggage.

Question 7:
What do I do upon arrival at the airport in Puerto Plata?
Upon arrival at the Puerto Plata International Airport you will be required to have all your custom and immigration forms completed and ready for inspection. You will also be required to purchase a Tourist Card. Once you complete your forms and pass thru the Customs & Immigration area you will enter the luggage pickup area. Get your luggage and proceed outside the terminal building. Look for a transportation host with a "Name Sign". You will be taken directly to your resort, please tell the driver you need VIP check in.

Question 8:
Does every villa have its own pool?
Yes, every villa has its private pool.

Question 9:
If only two people travel, can we reserve 5-bedroom villa?
No because the villa is arranged based on the number of people staying. In circumstance where only one couple travels 3 bedrooms villa is reserved.

Question 10:
Is the Internet available in the villa?
No, but there is free Internet in the lobby of VIP check-in.

Question 11:
How do I get to the resort?
We will arrange an airport pick up for you.

Question 12:
How much airport transfers?
Transfer from Puerto Plata airport is FREE. Transfer from Santiago airport varies for number of people, but generally a couple pays $70.

Question 13:
Are taxi's expensive?
Taxis are quite expensive. Airports have boards outside listing the cab fares to various places. These prices are generally not negotiable.

Question 14:
Can I rent a car?
Car rentals are readily available, but it is not generally recommended to rent a car. There are no "rules of the road" in the DR, and driving can be hazardous. Insurance is also non-existent. If you decide to rent a car, be careful! © 2006 | Privacy Policy | Terms Of Use